Jacky Dustin was a three-sport athlete until, at the tender age of 15, she “borrowed” her dad’s Jeep, crashed it into her high school guidance counselor’s BMW (true story), and was grounded for entire summer. During that forced downtime, she borrowed (for real, this time), her dad’s guitar. Almost immediately, she started writing songs. Just a year later, she recorded her first acoustic record with The Hounds’ singer John Hunter (he was an old frat brother of her dad’s, so, clearly, Pop forgave her about the Jeep). Hunter headlined Jacky’s first show at Hard Rock Café in Chicago, where they sold all 72 of the CDs they burned at home. Not every music Jacky has made since then has sold out, but it all has been as passionate, as enthusiastic and as reflective of her personality and experiences. Since she left college (go Hawkeyes!) to sign with Chicago indie label Copia Records, Jacky has been working to expand her vocal range and songwriting voice. Fans first loved her 2004’s pop album “Yellowdramatic” and then on 2006’s “Thistle, Sparrow, and the Tall, Tall Grass,” the indie album she recorded with The August, the band she joined in 2005. After music producer Garth Fundis flew to Chicago to see the august play at the famous Metro, he advised the band to move down to hone their songwriting skills in Music City. They took his wise counsel, and the accolades followed. In 2011 they released indie-released EP “Dear Chicago, Love Nashville,” an album that caused Nashville Music blogger Brad Hardisty to call Jacky “a force to be reckoned with.” Jacky was a top ten finalist in the online Avon Voices Global Vocal Competition and top six in their songwriting competition. Judges included Diane Warren, Fergie, and Sheila E, who all called her “a badass.” That same year she wrote about something she loves: Chicago deep dish pizza and won a Lou Malnati’s video contest for her original song/video “Lou’s Girl.” The prize? $1,000 in pies. She’s sung BGVs on Dan Hubbard’s and Big Dog 3’s albums, the national anthem at both Wrigley (Cubs!) and Greer (Nashville Sounds) baseball stadiums. The band has accumulated awards, just as their lead singer has. In 2009 the august won a trip on the popular Cayamo Cruise music festival, thanks to a songwriting contest. They also were the first place winner of The Greenbriar’s competition “Got Country Class” that got them an opening slot for Toby Keith and Lionel Richie. By 2015, The August’s song, “Outside,” written by Dustin/Krupka, was featured in Hollywood film “Learning to Drive,” starring Patricia Clarkson and Sir Ben Kingsley. Now it is 2016 and Jacky is recording her next solo album, which will bring her powerful voice and songwriting insight together for a sound just left of Music Row.